Volant's Track Record includes many larger deals plus these smaller innovative transactions highlighting our creativity in partnering with leading oil & gas entrepreneurs to provide the right combination of capital and M&A for building businesses and creating attractive returns:

HS Resources: led trailblazing small-cap E&P dual high yield and equity funding leading to intra-portfolio public merger of company, which ultimately sold to Kerr-McGee (now Anadarko) for $1.5B

Washington Energy Resources: led pioneering dual-track E&P corporate spin-off IPO/M&A effort resulting in public stock merger.

Mesa Petroleum: led unique take-over defense multi-track M&A process resulting in private equity infusion by Rainwater/NGP group, which lead to merger forming Pioneer Natural Resources.

Titan Exploration: led innovative Permian E&P start-up private equity, IPO and acquistions which led to trailblazing "acquistion by major" on $1.5B sale to UNOCAL.

Rutherford-Moran Oil & Gas: led pioneering 2-yr PIK high-yield for private equity-backed Gulf of Thailand E&P, followed by M&A advisory and ultimate sale to UNOCAL.  Applied same PIK high-yield structure for Seven Seas Petroleum in Colombia.

EOG Resources: led unique multi-step public market spin-off of ENRON's ownership position in EOG.

Spinnaker Exploration: led innovative E&P credit facility during private equity growth phase prior to leading highly successful IPO. Company had unique in-kind/private equity structure and sold to foreign national oil company for $2.5B.

Mariner Energy: led creative multi-track E&P IPO/private equity/M&A process for private equity backed Gulf of Mexico company which ultimately sold for $2.7B to Apache.

XPRONET Resources: led pioneering combined E&P start-up private equity, credit facility and acquistion effort.

MultiFuels Midstream: led trailblazing midstream private equity acquisition effort leading to funding grass roots gas storage project.

GulfWest Energy: led unique private equity recap of struggling public E&P company.

Global Geophysical: led innovative start-up private equity for high growth OFS company leading to liquidity in 1.5 yrs.

RENSCO: led creative start-up private equity with key strategic partner to launch directional drilling/MWD services.

PILOT: led start-up private equity for unique oilfield service company serving offshore oil & gas activity in Mexico & US.

Fluid Delivery Solutions: led creative private equity recap for OFS in Permian, Marcellus & Eagle Ford, with add-on acquisitions in the downturn more than doubling the business.