Volant Has Extensive Experience and Relationships spanning thirty years of oil & gas cycles and originating from teaming with top entrepreneurs to help lead over $10 billion of private and public investment and venture capital, acquisitions and monetization transactions in E&P, midstream and oilfield services.

  • Early Days of Oil & Gas Private Equity included only a handful of true “private equity” investors.
  • Formula for Success Has Not Changed: look for creative opportunities to back dedicated management teams willing to work hard generating out-sized cash-on-cash returns leading to successful exits.

  • Valuation, Structure, Strategy and Hard Work  can create value at any point in the cycle, including a current investment launched at the summer 2014 peak which is now at 2.5X or higher ROI in the early 2017 trough.
  • Invaluable Contacts lead many top oil & gas businesses, private equity firms and investment banks, relationships developed during tenure in the oil & gas groups of leading energy investment banks prior to forming Volant.

  • Oil & Gas Private Equity can be attractive long after public oil & gas stocks have run up or when they are languishing.
  • Volant's Venture Investment ROI exceeds 4X, with an unprecedented slate of opportunities for generating attractive risk adjusted rates of return ahead in the current environment.