Volant's Approach Gives Your Team a Unique Combination of expertise, creativity, flexible capital, focus, dedication, teamwork and stewardship. Our reputation has been built through years of partnering with leading oil & gas entrepreneurs in high-growth and early-stage companies, helping achieve outstanding returns regardless of the challenges and market conditions.

  • Focus, Dedication & Teamwork are hallmarks of Volant's commitment to our companies. We maintain a small portfolio of activity in order to maximize these user-friendly attributes and minimize potential conflicts among companies.

  • Creativity provides a key competitive advantage in identifying under-the-radar opportunities and making them into reality. Being creative and adaptable often requires a long-term, counter-cyclical perspective. Volant's track record includes teaming with many top oil & gas entrepreneurs in many of the most creative transactions of the last three decades, including early-stage private equity funding, multi-track M&A to maximize value, bridge funding, common stock and MLP IPO's and public offerings.

  • Stewardship and Socially Responsible Investing integrate Volant's standards for environmental, social and governance considerations into everything we do and are critical to creating value. Volant's standards for fairness, integrity, and giving back are also evident in everything we do, from investing in new ventures to investing our time & resources in venture philanthropy, with the goal of transforming lives of at-risk youth and families.

  • Flexible Investment Parameters allow Volant to look at a wide variety of companies, including smaller under-the-radar opportunities. We invest in existing, growing companies as well as help in launching new start-ups. Volant's partners typically invest $10 to $200 million of equity and can fill in board and executive positions, as needed.